This semester we were asked to find something that we were passionate about or interested in and then find a way to teach ourselves about it. This is why it is called a passion project. To complete this assignment we were asked to design our own personal learning plan (PLP) and to use our own personal learning network (PLN) to support our PLP. This student directed, student interest learning style is a new style of learning that is being implemented in different schools throughout Canada and the United States. Here in Victoria, there is a school called the Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry that is using student directed learning rather than teacher directed learning. The point of this style of learning is to motivate students to look at topics that they find interesting rather just having a teacher stand in front of the class and lecture and then have students write some sort of exam on what was lectured.

I decided that for this project I would learn how to be a more proficient sprinter. Sprinting uses fast twitch muscles and as a rower we train these fast twitch muscle fibers as we use fast twitch muscles in our races. It is also a skill that I will be able to use as I move forward into my career as a physical education teacher. When you initially hear sprinting you think, how hard could sprinting be? All you do is run fast. In truth, there are many different parts to sprinting. There is the start, the drive phase, a transition phase, a specialty stride and cadence. Sprinting is very complex so I have decided that this this term I am going to work on my sprinting stride. Although my time should decrease, my main focus is learning the steps to become a stronger sprinter. I will track my process through video analysis that will be periodically taken throughout the term. I will also time a 100meter sprint and do that three times throughout the semester. The goal is by the third time taking video and timing the sprint that there will be a remarkable visual difference in the technique and an improvement in the time.


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