I did it! I have worked for nine long weeks but I finally did it! I completed a one hundred meter sprint. It was not pretty I am sure but I felt like I had good speed going and I ran the entire distance. I finished the run and looked at my watch to see what the time was and realized that I when I thought I had started my stopwatch I actually had not. So I completed the run but do not have a time because I was too sore after running it once to run it again. I think I will do another one before the semester ends and hopefully get a time on the next one. While I ran the 100m sprint I kind of forgot to think about everything I have been working on because I was just so excited that I was running more than just twenty or thirty meters! On the next one I will hopefully remember to think beyond the thrill of running and actually remember what I am supposed to be doing. I know it seems pretty lame getting excited about a 100m sprint but the accident did a number and for awhile walking hurt so bad that I avoided it so a 100m sprint is a big step in the right direction. I know this week’s update is short but it contains an important part in actually completing my passion project goals.


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