This week was crazy busy with racing in San Diego then coming back and doing a presentation on my passion project and then completing another 100m sprint. Most of the work I put into my passion project was in putting together my PowerPoint that I used. So I decided to post it so you could see the basic outline of my presentation. Some of the slides will not be as meaningful for there are just photos that I then talked about but you can see just a basic outline of what I did. Since this project was for my technology in education class I decided to try iMovie to edit a clip of me running. I know it is not a very long video but I used the program for the first time and have an idea on what to do for future videos. I also ran another 100m sprint and managed to time it! Amazing right? I ran it in 14seconds! Definitely not the fastest time but considering where I started the semester I will take it! I now have a base knowledge that I will be able to take with me as I move forward and become a teacher. So this is what I have learned I hope you have enjoyed my journey as I have learned how to sprint.


EDCI 336 PP Presentation


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