I decided that it would be beneficial to put the knowledge I have gathered about sprinting into a rubric or guide that I could use to analysis myself and perhaps in the future with my students. So here it is:

Block Starts: Comments:
·Hands shoulder width apart behind      the line with the thumb and index straight along the line.

·Arms are straight.

·Blocks set up properly.

·Straight line from head down to the hips.

·Knees are bent at approximately ninety degrees.

·Feet are on the blocks and off the ground.

Drive Phase: Comments:
·Back knee drives straight through.

·As it comes through the knee drives forward aggressively.

·Opposite arm extends overhead.

·You can draw a straight line from the back heel through the shoulder.

Acceleration Phase Comments:
·Standing taller-less forward lean

·Knee drives through-lower leg kicks through

·The toe kicks through and grabs the track.

·The back leg releases the track sooner allowing the heel to kick up and through faster.

·Cadence increases

·Arms are kept at ninety degrees and drive straight forward and back.

Deceleration Phase: Comments:
·The cadence is kept up

·The arm drive is emphasized

·The speed starts to decrease but the athlete works to keep it from dropping to much




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