So I have become a little more coordinated while practicing the different activities and exercises that I explained in week four. Instead of tripping over my feet and almost face planting I can now do the drills with some success and control. The block starts are starting to feel more normal. Through practice I have more control over the height of my hips helping to straighten my back a bit. I still have a long way to go but the action is less dramatic and I have a greater understanding of where my body is going and what I need to do to get it into the proper position. It is amazing the improvement you can have just through neurological adaptation. The A’s and B’s do not feel so alien anymore but rather quite normal. When performing them I do not have to think about where my foot is going every time or how my knee is tracking. To achieve this success I have also increased the distance and the amount of repetitions I can do per practice. Initially I was doing just short pieces but now I have increased the distance so that I am doing thirty to forty meters rather than just the ten meters that I started with. I have also increased from just a couple of repetitions to being able to do close to ten sometimes more reps. It has been a very slow process with a lot of bumps along the way but I through a lot of hard work it is starting to pay off. I completed my first 100m sprint last week and the repercussions later that day and the next were less then I expected which gives me the courage to continue to push the limits a little more every day I train. I also realized that I need to keep doing the different drills of the different parts of the sprint for when I actually sprinted I kind of forgot to think about what I was doing so I need to make sure the movement patterns have been established and well developed within my brain. On the whole training has gone well and I am excited to see just how it has paid off when I time myself when I complete my second 100m sprint.


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