Originally when I planned this project I was going to do three one hundred meter sprints and time myself throughout the semester. I thought it would be a good way to evaluate my improvement. Well that is not going to happen any more. I was in a car accident last spring that did a number to my back. As a result I have been doing rehabilitation for it. I was cleared to run finally by my physiotherapist and I thought my back was stronger than it was. It turns out that sprinting is very hard on the part of my back I hurt. So even just doing a five stride start is challenging. I think I am going to change my goal to completing a hundred meter sprint by the end of the semester. Instead I am going to work on improving my strength in my back until I can run. I will also continue to focus on analyzing parts of my sprinting stride and others to see where the problems are. I will do short amounts of running so that I can improve my technique and slowly increase my distance.

The Initial Plan In Reality
3x 100m sprints 1x 100m sprints completed
3x video analysis- analysis material to improve time and technique. Analyzed videos found online of different level sprinters instead of just myself sprinting.
Evaluated upon decrease in time and visible improvement of technique. Evaluated more on expansion of knowledge and the ability to teach the material and less on physical results.

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